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A Content Collaboration Platform for Agencies, Freelancers, and Consultants.

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Projects combine dedicated chat rooms and file structures to keep things organized.


Amium syncs everything to a secure cloud so you and your clients can access it anywhere.


Ping anyone in the world directly or through a group chatroom.

Who is Amium For?


Losing track of feedback? Amium helps you and your client communicate opinions and expectations concisely.

Firms & Agencies

Trouble sharing large packages of contracts and deliverables? Amium helps you share assets seamlessly with all of your most remote clients.

Producers & Coordinators

Tired of waiting on all that nonsensical back and forth? Lost that attachment from weeks ago? Amium's got your back.


Integrated Chat and File Management

Supports Any File Type

Automatic File Version Tracking

Native Apps for Desktop, Web, and Mobile

Integrates with Your Existing Tools

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