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Get to Know the Amium Team: Chief Lochness Officer (CLO)

By Team Amium on July 18, 2017


Get to Know the Amium Team: Marketing Manager

By Team Amium on July 11, 2017

Our marketing team lives in Amium. With the latest release offering external collaboration there’s really zero reasons to check my email. I’m working on projects with my internal team as well as external parties like our PR firm, ad agency, graphic designers.

Amium Chat Accelerates Review Cycles

By Team Amium on July 5, 2017

The teams tried Amium and realized they could simply add their drawings and code to the project file, now they can accelerate internal review cycles.

Get to Know the Amium Team: Customer Success Engineer

By Team Amium on June 22, 2017

“What I like most about Amium is its ease of collaboration and discussion around files. Amium helps me stray away from traditional email threads, which usually clutter my inbox.”

Chat, Share, and Organize—Amium in Design

By Team Amium on June 20, 2017

It doesn’t matter how organized you are, when client feedback comes back in multiple screenshots, marked-up hard copy, email comments, and .PDF files—it can become overwhelming. “Amium is a time-saver! You don’t think that going between applications or searching for a file in email takes much time, but it really does…”

Get to Know the Amium Team: Back-End Engineer

By Team Amium on June 15, 2017

Whenever I need to share a file securely, I use Amium. It’s also very helpful for giving me access to what product/marketing are working on without butting into their workflow.

Outside In, or Inside Out: Working With External Collaborators

By Jeff Harrell on June 13, 2017

Amium is designed for marketing and design agencies, freelancers, and their clients to work together with each other as if they were on the same team.

Amium Keeps Developer and Clients in Sync

By Team Amium on June 8, 2017

“Working through Amium let me post code for client review as soon as it was ready,” said Lance. “The client team provides feedback via chat and I have a record of the directions I received from the client in case there is ever a question.”

Get to Know the Amium Team: Front-End Web Developer

By Team Amium on June 8, 2017

What excites you the most about new Amium features/what is your favorite feature? I’m most excited to start using Amium to collaborate and share with people external to my own team.

What Type of Collaborator are You?

By Team Amium on June 6, 2017

Which collaboration type best describes you? Visionary? Arbitrator? Navigator? Discover your strengths (and your teammates’) to master productivity.

Get to Know the Amium Team: Software Engineer

By Team Amium on June 1, 2017

I like that the engineering team has people with a variety of backgrounds, who care about things besides just computers. I think being a well-rounded team helps us be more product-focused; everybody’s willing to think about what users need and ask whether we’re building the right thing.

Get to Know the Amium Team: Engineer

By Team Amium on May 25, 2017

What is the most interesting thing you’ve done at Amium? Build an entire microservice from the ground up on my own. The company hackathons were great as well.

How Agencies Use Amium Projects Feature to Get More Done.

By John Gabaix on May 24, 2017

Amium Projects feature combines dedicated chat rooms and file structures to keep things organized. Upload files to a project, invite a collaborator (inside or outside your org), and start chatting.

Get to Know the Amium Team: Product

By John Gabaix on May 19, 2017

For us who create, there is never a ‘first time.’ As we build the product incrementally, we become more and more familiar with every corner, we know what all elements do, and we put up with bugs. But when someone that knows nothing about your product looks at it, does not click where you want them to click, wanders around without purpose, and tells you ‘I don’t understand how this works,’ your reality shifts.

“Key” Takeaways From MarTech Conference

By Team Amium on May 18, 2017

It was a big week with the launch of the latest release of Amium at MarTech last week! Here’s what we learned from the show…

The New Version of Amium:
The World on Your Team

By John Gabaix on May 9, 2017

The new version of Amium lets users invite team members and outside collaborators to separate projects to work together on presentations, graphics, Word documents, or PDFs.

Getting Ready for MarTech the Amium Way

By Sara Anderson on May 5, 2017

Sneak peak at how we are using Amium to improve marketing collaboration – both internally within our team and externally with the agencies and contractors we work with.

Giving Back: Advice to Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs at YC Office Hours

By Team Amium on April 28, 2017

AeroFS CEO Yuri Sagalov recently teamed up with Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator, in a “live office hours” session to advise three different startups on the challenges they’re facing as they launch or grow their companies.

Find Us at the Intersection of Marketing and Tech… and at booth #908

By Sara Anderson on April 27, 2017

Amium will be one of 100+ MarTech exhibitors in the Expo Hall. Come and see how marketing teams are using Amium for collaborating on content, organizing projects, and keeping everyone in-sync inside and outside your team.

Collaborating with iWorkers, eWorkers, and all the other a-zWorkers

By Team Amium on April 19, 2017

In this day and age when most people on the planet communicate and collaborate daily with digital devices, there’s no point in splitting hairs about the small letter in front of the word “worker.” Get yourself an easy-to-use collaboration solution and eliminate time, distance, and application obstacles to working together.

Content-Centric: The New School of Collaboration Tools. Wait… What?

By Sara Anderson on April 14, 2017

Join MWD Advisors and AeroFS during a webinar next week, where we’ll discuss the key trends in cloud content collaboration and introduce a new way of working together. And find out just what we mean by “Content-Centric Collaboration” here, first.

Collaborative Marketing Breeds Creativity

By Team Amium on April 12, 2017

Collaborative marketing is the process of sharing resources to increase sales leads, market share, and awareness. Essentially simple, but potentially profound, collaborative marketing brings people, ideas, and resources together to create something new that benefits everyone involved.

The 6 simple secrets of great designer/client relationships. How to be a great design client.

By Team Amium on April 6, 2017

From startup to global enterprise, every company that’s serious about its brand will sooner or later work with a graphic designer or design/branding agency. Here are some tips for communicating successfully with your designer or design team.

Simplify the Project Management Experience with an Easier Solution

By Team Amium on April 4, 2017

Finding a project management tool shouldn’t be a project itself. With a tool like Amium, organizing projects and conversations between your team and clients is simple.

New Collaboration Platform? How to Persuade Your Clients to Use It.

By Team Amium on March 30, 2017

If you want to convince a client to use your collaboration platform, here are some reasons that will benefit you both.

How Freelancers Master Time Management

By Team Amium on March 28, 2017

Deciding how to run your day and keep track of time spent on a multitude of activities is as personal as you are. There are probably hundreds of gadgets, widgets, software apps, and tips out there waiting to tell you what to do, but ultimately, you have to find the methods that work best for you. That said, there are five main principles that every freelancer has to come to terms with as they manage their time, talent, and energy.

Big Collaboration Capabilities for Even the Smallest Businesses

By Team Amium on March 21, 2017

As a one- or two-person shop, you might not think you’re big enough to invest in an enterprise-class collaboration platform. But Amium brings enterprise-class collaboration to businesses of all sizes.

Our Five Fave Blogs for Content Marketing & Collaboration

By Team Amium on March 17, 2017

In our research of Amium’s client-base we realized our team is just like the teams we hope to reach, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite content marketing blogs for teams and freelancers.

Spring Cleaning for Better Collaboration

By Rachel Palmer on March 14, 2017

Tips for spring cleaning your digital workspace including how to organize files in shared folders and archive old projects.

How Collaboration Accelerated Agile Development of Amium

By Team Amium on March 10, 2017

When we set out to develop the next release of our Amium collaboration platform, we combined agile development techniques with Amium itself to make it easier for our non-development teams—product design, marketing, customer success, and sales—to deliver feedback and stay synched with the “back-end” engineering progress.

Ready? Set. Go. 7 things to do (and not do) before you launch a product

By Sara Anderson on March 9, 2017

Take it from us, launching a new product isn’t a walk in the park. Let our lessons learned from kicking off Amium help you with your next product launch.

33 Voices Interview: Managing the Startup Growth Process with Yuri Sagalov

By Team Amium on March 2, 2017

33 Voices Podcast interview with Amium’s CEO & Co-Founder Yuri Sagalov on Managing the Startup Growth Process.

The AeroFS Fave Five Productivity Tools

By Team Amium on February 28, 2017

We got curious about people’s favorite collaboration and productivity tools—what is everyone using here at AeroFS? What’s most helpful? So we asked. Turns out that there were five clear favorites among our team.

How to Avoid Messaging Platform “Gotchas”

By Team Amium on February 24, 2017

Amium’s messaging platform provides a place for businesses to communicate internally with teams and improve collaboration and increase workflow. Avoid the pitfalls of messaging platform “gotchas” with a few simple rules of thumb.

Successfully Pivoting Your Sales Strategy

By Team Amium on February 21, 2017

An article on successfully navigating a sales strategy pivot by Yuri Sagalov published in Selling Power Magazine.

Put Chat Apps to Work in your Office

By Team Amium on February 16, 2017

Which mobile chat apps are best for your office and how can it help improve team communication with millennial on the rise in the workplace?

The Secret Sauce of Successful Collaboration: Platforms and People

By Rachel Palmer on February 14, 2017

Very few people work solely alone. We tend to work in groups.  As soon as two or more people work on the same project at the same time, collaboration is happening.  Collaboration is a great way to spark creativity and spread the load to get tasks done quickly. But, there are pitfalls too. Duplicating effort […]

How Business Instant Messenger Fits into the Workplace

By Team Amium on February 9, 2017

As part of a unified platform, an instant messenger for business brings privacy, simplicity and convenience to the daily workflow.

From the chat room to the end zone: what makes a winning team?

By Team Amium on February 6, 2017

What do you look for in a chat app that can help streamline business communication and collaboration?

How to Pick the Best Team Communications App in 2017

By Team Amium on January 31, 2017

At Amium, we believe the best approach to selecting the best team communication tools and collaboration app is to focus on the top priorities for the team. Read more to find out how Amium can work with your priorities and deliver an efficient collaboration experience to your team.

Use Your Real Time Business Chat Program to Buckle Down AND Crack Up

By Team Amium on January 27, 2017

Chat programs can transform the workplace into a bastion of communication & collaboration. Learn what features you need in your business chat program and what you may be missing from your standard instant messenger.

Getting It Together for Team Collaboration

By Team Amium on January 26, 2017

With a team collaboration tool like Amium, everything you need is in one place. Here are five ways merging collaboration tools can help save your bacon.

Navigating a Sales and Marketing Pivot

By Team Amium on January 24, 2017

When we launched Amium, our team had to navigate a pivot in our sales and marketing strategies. Learn how we created a new roadmap, re-calibrated our prospecting strategy, took a fresh look at the sales skillsets we needed, and determined how we could continue to keep on track with our goals.

Like PB&J: Work Better Together with Document Collaboration

By Sara Anderson on January 19, 2017

If you’re in marketing, you’ve probably experienced the chaos of a product launch at least once. A launch always involves multiple projects within projects. We’ve had our fair share of launches here at AeroFS. Here’s what we’ve learned about document collaboration within our marketing team that can help you avoid some headaches with that next big document collaboration project.

Keeping Chat Tools Out of the Open Office Trap

By Team Amium on January 13, 2017

Because chat is software-based, we have an opportunity to improve the collaboration experience. It’s easier to add more controls in the software and make it intelligently adapt to user behavior than it is to change culture within the office.

Work Together: WePay with CEO & Co-Founder Bill Clerico

By Yuri Sagalov on December 14, 2016

Work Together is a regular discussion with founders and CEOs about the people, processes, and technology that help today’s companies get work done. This week with Bill Clerico, CEO & Co-Founder of WePay.

One Cool Way We’re Using Amium to Delight Customers

By Team Amium on December 8, 2016

When we receive a call or email for support, a customer success team member answers it and creates a ticket. But not all calls are problems. Some include valuable feedback we like to share across the team. So we built a customer feedback webhook directly into our own instance of Amium.

Work Together: Insight Data Science
with CEO & Founder Jake Klamka

By Yuri Sagalov on November 29, 2016

Work Together is a regular discussion with founders and CEOs about the people, processes, and technology that help today’s companies get work done. This week: Insight Data Science with CEO & Founder Jake Klamka.

What’s in Your Collaboration Toolbox?

By Team Amium on November 23, 2016

Social networks, chat and other consumer-friendly tools are on the rise but is your collaboration toolbox blurring the lines between social chatter and biz?

How to Double Your Collaboration Efficiency with Amium File Channels

By Jeff Harrell on November 21, 2016

Amium File Channels capture file activity, conversations about that file and sync updates directly to your hard drive. Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to collaborate on files more efficiently. Not directly, anyway.

Breaking the Ice at An Event Apart

By Team Amium on November 14, 2016

On October 31 – November 2, Amium sponsored An Event Apart San Francisco, “a design conference for people who make websites.” Check out some highlights from the event and what we learned from attending sessions and our conversations with other attendees.