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Our Five Fave Blogs for Content Marketing & Collaboration

By Team Amium on March 17, 2017

As with any startup, the members of our small marketing team each wear multiple hats and often share them with each other. Between re-branding exercises, new product launches, and a shift in our sales and marketing strategy, it sometimes feels like we’re picking random hats out of an old costume trunk and wearing what just feels right for the day. But we each have our regular reading rituals and shoot off links to each other from recently read blog posts as we find them relevant to our current projects. In our research of Amium’s client-base we realized our team is just like the teams we hope to reach, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite content marketing blogs for teams and freelancers. Our hats off to you!

Gather Content

One of the biggest ongoing projects that any marketing team has to face is content creation. Here at AeroFS, we typically create several pieces of content each week, and the entire marketing team has a hand in it. That means constant communication between marketing team members, whether it’s the writer, the person finding appropriate images for the content, or the final reviewer. Gather Content’s blog is all about (surprise!) generating content, and we like to read it regularly to see what other teams are doing around content creation. It’s also a good resource if you’re stuck in a content rut, or having writer’s block. It sometimes helps to step back and look at it from someone else’s perspective, and Gather Content provides just that.

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is our go-to for everything content marketing. They cover all the topics such as strategy, building your audience, and content creation –the hardest part of the process! AeroFS is all about using technology to improve process and CMI covers many aspects of the technical side of content marketing like editing platforms, digital asset management, and content collaboration. They also offer many training classes to build your skills and a directory to find content marketing freelancers, consultants and agencies for when you’re strapped for time or ideas.

The Content Strategist by Contently

Contently is a content marketing platform with two blogs for content creators: The Content Strategist and The Freelancer. While both are packed full of useful information, the Content Strategist is more poignant to our team with a roundup of marketing inspiration around topics including social content management, branding, metrics and advertising. Their Voices section offers thought leadership and opinion pieces that run the gamut of interviews with content game-changers to curated lists of good reads.


We’re obviously not freelancers but we still love the blog by Crew. Crew is basically a matchmaker for freelancers and mobile/web projects. We tend to agree that freelancers are up with the latest trends and this blog goes into detail on things that are relevant to our marketing team. Also, we LOVE freelancers! They have been an extension of our team on many occasions and have put in the extra hours when we’ve had a tight deadline. The Crew blog gives us guidance on how to hire freelance designers and get the most out of our engagement.

Meet Edgar Blog (LKR Social Media)

For all the social media content creators out there, Meet Edgar Blog is a fountain of social strategy knowledge. LKR Social Media’s Laura Roeder started her brand by teaching online courses in social media management to small businesses and entrepreneurs. In 2014 she launched Edgar, a social post scheduling platform which now shares the name with the LKR blog. From ideas on how to generate new content to the most recent social platform updates and what they mean, the Meet Edgar Blog continues the tradition of LKR Social Media’s bootstrap advice for burgeoning social media mavens.


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