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The New Version of Amium:
The World on Your Team

By John Gabaix on May 9, 2017

In August of 2016, we launched Amium, a collaboration tool that combined chat and file sync that enabled users to keep their collaboration in one place. Instead of having files all over the place – on your computer, in a file sync app in the cloud, and in email – Amium was a place for teams to work together on files and have conversations. We had thousands of signups, and it was clear we were headed in the right direction.

The most common feature request we received from those users was for a way to collaborate not just within a team, but across teams and companies, including your clients, vendors, and even customers. And today we’re happy to announce a major new release of Amium that lets you do just that. It’s great for creative agencies, freelancers, and anyone who collaborates with people outside their immediate team.

New Version of Amium

Our marketing team works with many agencies and freelancers that help us get work done, including an outside PR team, SEO firm, graphics designers, and event managers. Before the new version of Amium, collaborating with all of these third parties was…kind of a mess. Now we can invite all of them to separate projects in Amium, where we can work together on presentations, graphics, Word documents, or PDFs. Everything is synced so everyone has the latest version, and the conversation is saved so we know how we got there.

New Version of Amium

We also overhauled the UI with a fresh new look and split up “Channels” into “Projects” and “Chat Rooms.” And you can create and join multiple teams with one account to make it even easier to collaborate cross-team.

Amium is free to use up to 2 projects and 2GB of storage, so give it a try today!

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