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How to Double Your Collaboration Efficiency with Amium File Channels

By Jeff Harrell on November 21, 2016

Amium File Channels capture file activity, conversations about that file and sync updates directly to your hard drive.

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to collaborate on files more efficiently. Not directly, anyway. They just want to reduce administrative tasks around collaboration and get work done easier and faster. Usually we end up sending versions of files back and forth via email or some other communication tool, and then you end up with multiple versions of the file either in email, on your computer, or elsewhere.

As we thought about this problem, and experienced it ourselves, we found that there weren’t really any tools that were designed to solve this problem. So we set out to see if we could address it ourselves, and that led us to build Amium.

The Amium File Channel

Amium creates chat rooms out of shared folders, and treats files as threads inside these chat rooms. So, for example, the “Marketing” folder becomes its own chat room, and files (such as the Amium logo below) become discussion threads, which we call file channels.


In Amium file channels, teams can easily collaborate on a file, and all the conversation around the file – edits, suggestions, discussions – happens in the channel. When someone updates a file, update messages in the channel notify members of the file activity. Within the file channel, you can also revert to previous versions if needed, as well as setting notification options. Amium customers tell us that file channels help them keep their group collaborations contained, so there’s less time spend looking for latest versions of files.

Integrations and Workflows

Treating files as threads also has other, less obvious benefits. For example, it allows us to create some interesting file-based workflows. One such workflow is the Hellosign integration within Amium. Inside a document file channel, you can simply type “/sign” and request a signature from another team member without leaving the channel. Simple and efficient.

Work Better, Together

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to maximize collaboration with your messaging app, try Amium – it takes just a couple of minutes to get going and it’s free. Amium’s file channels are just one more reason that thousands of teams have turned to Amium for team collaboration.

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