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“Key” Takeaways From MarTech Conference

By Team Amium on May 18, 2017

MarTech Takeaways – The State of Marketing Collaboration.


Last week was a big week for us with the latest release of Amium at the MarTech Conference! We use Amium for our own marketing team (see how, here), so we were excited to share with fellow marketers. The new version makes it especially easy to coordinate projects with agencies, clients, and freelancers.

Team Amium was busy either meeting marketing tech professionals at our booth or away at one of the many interesting sessions. But no matter where we were, the overall vibe from attendees was the same – excited yet exhausted! Everyone is trying to keep up with the ever-changing martech landscape (see Martech 5000). We also had many great discussions with marketers about how they organize, share, edit, and collaborate on content, here are our takeaways – 

Digital asset management is a sore subject.

We may not offer a traditional digital asset management (DAM) product but at the core, Amium is a solution to the problem that is organizing, storing, and sharing digital assets. So, the subject came up quite a bit and what we heard was that even with all of the DAM providers, it’s still a burden for marketers to organize huge libraries of marketing content and keep it up-to-date. We had fun showing off Amium’s DAM-like features such as version control, project permissions, activity feed, notifications, asset preview, share links, etc. 

Project management tools need less management.

Many of the marketers we talked to had a project management solution in-place but were interested in the Projects functionality within Amium. The general feedback was that traditional project management platforms were actually overkill for most marketing teams. They liked the simplicity of organzing files by project and the project-level permissions that allow for external parties to join on a by-project basis. We also got alot of great ideas from the attendees on how to expand the functionality without overcomplicating it. Thanks, Martech-ers! 

External collaboration technology needs a facelift.

Last week’s release was in large part influenced by marketers and designers that we spoke to last year at various industry events. We’d hear “This is awesome! Can we share assets with external parties” Answer then: Nope. Answer today: Yep. We listened and we sent the message back to Product and they responded with a seamless way of collaborating with external parties – designers, creative agencies, freelancers, and consultants… anyone really. For the most part, the folks we talked to still use email for external collaboration. We are marketers too, we know how painful that can be. You lose track of the email thread, you forget which version of a file is the latest… it’s a mess. Attendees were excited once we showed them how easy it is to add external collaborators to projects. 

We have a lot to learn. 

Every time we’re away from our desks and out engaging with our users it gets us charged up to deliver an even better product. We got some really great feedback from our users attending the event and met new people that gave us some great ideas to build out functionality within Amium to make it even better. And with the 5000+ martech vendors out there I think the bottom line is that marketers don’t have time to fuss with technology, they just need something that works, and works well. 

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our prize giveaway! Congratulations to our lucky key winners who took home Echo Dots, an Amazon Fire, a Polaroid Instant Camera, Skullcandy headphones and the ever-coveted Star Wars lightsaber selfie stick…may the most flattering light of the force be with you. 

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