Landed: A Customer Story

Landed: A Customer Story

Landed Uses Amium to Make Sure Work Gets Done

Founded in 2015, Landed works to help teachers buy homes near the communities
they serve. Starting in its home market of San Francisco, the company is pioneering an
innovative investment approach to help address a capital gap in expensive residential
housing markets: namely, that many households can easily afford to pay rent, but as
a result of paying high rents, they will never accumulate the wealth necessary for a
standard down payment.

Attention to Every Detail

People who dream of owning a home often can afford the monthly payments—but the large down payment stands in the way. This is especially true in expensive real estate markets like San Francisco. Landed is changing that. The company forms community investor pools drawn from private equity sources. It partners with a buyer, investing in the property by providing a portion of the down payment. Buyers receive the down payment assistance they need to move from being renters to homeowners, and in return, Landed receives a percentage of the home’s equity and appreciated value when the home is sold.

For Landed, equity investments distributed across many properties offer the best way to help buyers afford a home while achieving appreciation of invested capital. Managing the thousands of documents that are part of the investment process for multiple properties can be a challenge. Not to mention the mountain of documents related to investors, potential homebuyers, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies. The company’s partners collaborate with each other on pre-purchase agreements, option agreements, deeds of trust, offering letters, term sheets, private placement letters, and other documents. Each document is specific to a certain home, and each home requires between 5-10 different documents. Although many documents include legal boilerplate content, many specific pieces of information change, and tracking documents and versions was becoming difficult as the company grows.

“We needed the ability to manage and track workflow at each stage of our partnerships,” said Jonathan Asmis, co-founder of Landed. “So we needed a way to track collaboration for auditing purposes and to maintain compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and real estate brokerage policies.”

Adding Collaboration Structure

Landed uses a variety of collaboration tools for brainstorming, framing initial ideas, and informal chat sessions. But when it came to keeping materials together for each deal, information related to discussions, documents, and transactions was stored in multiple places. It was time-consuming and frustrating to have to find the latest version of a file and track changes. None of Landed’s existing tools allowed the team to converse and collaborate on files in one place while tracking activities related to each.

“We looked for a business-class collaboration tool to add more structure to our team’s process,” said Asmis.
“We found Amium, tried it online and immediately began using it.”

Amium unifies file sharing, file synchronization, team messaging, and associated collaboration activities in one place and in real time. It integrates with popular web services to make content creation and revision easy. Built from the ground up with security as a top priority, Amium implements numerous enterprise-class security measures designed to protect sensitive data and comply with various security standards.

“Amium fits naturally into our collaboration process and works the way we do. While our other tools tend to generate a lot of team “noise” and busyness, Amium lets us get work done. It’s much more productive.” — Jonathan Asmis, Co-founder, Landed

Real Time, Real Work

By bringing conversations to an enterprise file sync and share platform, Amium gives Landed more flexibility, security, and structure for collaboration. Amium encrypts data in transit and at rest, so that conversations stay private among collaborators. Being able to incorporate team messaging and conversations with project files enables team members to chat, share, and collaborate on files in real time, and save and track every change. Amium also integrates with Microsoft Office Online, one of the most ubiquitous sets of office productivity applications.

“We use Amium because it lets us put structure around our conversations and work with specific documents,” says Asmis. “When we have real drafts to work on—not just notes or early content gathering-we put them in Amium.”

Simple to Use

Landed found Amium easy to implement and use—they began using it in minutes. Asmis says that Amium fit right into their natural workflow and gives them the ability to track and manage workflow easily. Now, activities, document revisions, and conversations are kept in one place. An activity feed allows anyone to go back and understand exactly what was discussed and what the next steps are.

“We all use it,” said Asmis. “Amium is super-intuitive and lets us easily drop conversations into files and work on files in whatever application they’re in—right inside Amium.”

Grow As You Go

Amium also grows as Landed grows. Today, the company uses Amium for free. As the company’s storage requirements increase and the number of users grows, Landed can subscribe and pay only for what they actually use. For a growing startup, that’s a huge relief to the budget.

Next Steps

Today, the company is focused on buyers in the San Francisco Bay Area with plans to expand to other markets over the next year.

About Amium

Amium is a content collaboration app for teams that helps content creators collaborate on files. It provides one-on-one chats, group discussions, and most importantly, file-specific discussions so all the updates and conversation around the file is in one place. Amium helps customers in marketing, design, financial services, government, energy and other sectors improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work teams. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and is funded by blue-chip investors, including Avalon Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator and others. Try Amium for free.

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Financial Services


  • Simplify and bring more structure to collaboration
  • Manage documents and workflow and track changes easily
  • Meet compliance requirements


  • Began using Amium for serious collaboration in just minutes
  • Added structure to collaboration for file management and activity tracking
  • Increased productivity to ensure that work gets done
Amium is super-intuitive and lets us easily drop conversations into files and work on files in whatever application they’re in—right inside Amium.
- Jonathan Asmis, Co-founder, Landed

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