Cloud Messaging

Cloud Messaging

Communicate with team members about a project—anytime, from anywhere, with Amium cloud messaging software. With cloud messaging, you can get the team chat and messaging capabilities you need at just the right size for your organization.

Minimize Operating Costs with Cloud Messaging Software

Unlike traditional enterprise collaboration deployments, Amium cloud messaging software is fast, easy to use, and affordable. Your organization doesn’t need to deploy, maintain, support, or upgrade IT infrastructure—cloud messaging capabilities are delivered right to users’ browsers. And Amium cloud messaging is so easy to use, the organization’s IT team can focus on more business-critical projects. Teams can use Amium cloud messaging for free, only paying for additional storage or users if their needs scale.

Amium mobile and desktop cloud messaging

Cloud Messaging Increases Productivity

It’s much easier to enable team chat and secure collaboration from the cloud. Every team member has access to cloud messaging, from wherever they are. They can check in and synch up with the latest document revisions and activities when it’s convenient, increasing productivity. With cloud messaging, they just log in and collaborate—it’s simple to use and there’s no need for extensive training.

Cloud Messaging Integration

Amium cloud messaging integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office Online, so that your team can use the same applications and documents that they use now. What’s different about Amium cloud messaging is that they can author, open, edit, sync, and share documents in real time without ever leaving Amium. They also gain high-fidelity, interactive previews of all Office documents. In addition to Microsoft Office Online integration, Amium also integrates with other popular workplace and cloud messaging products, including HelloSign, Stripe, GitHub, PagerDuty, Jira and more.

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