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Most teams need the ability to work on documents together. Traditionally, companies have turned to file collaboration solutions like enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) platforms for sharing, viewing, and editing documents of all kinds. But they usually require IT involvement, a sizeable investment, and ongoing support. And they don’t do team chat, which is essential for today’s collaborative work teams.

What is File Collaboration?

File collaboration is not the same as simple file sharing. In true file collaboration, team members can view, chat about, author, edit, and revise documents from within the collaboration tool in real time. The file collaboration tool tracks all changes—including when they were made and who made them—so that team members always have the latest version and can see everything that was changed along the way.

File Channel

Amium brings conversation to your files.

Files in your Amium folder on your desktop show up in Amium so you can share and collaborate easily.

Benefits of File Collaboration

  • Helps prevent data silos
  • Minimizes document version control problems
  • Increases efficiency and reduces delay
  • Protects against data loss

Amium’s File Collaboration Software

Amium combines enterprise file sync and share capabilities with chat for a true file collaboration solution. With other popular collaboration solutions, team members can only view a document onscreen. To work on it, they have to download it, edit, upload, view, and repeat. They end up with “document sprawl,” with multiple authors and versions residing in multiple systems.

Amium lets you author, edit, share, and save documents in your regular applications—right in the file collaboration solution. It delivers automatic file change tracking, a complete file version history, multiple channels, one-on-one chat, and group discussion features. Amium tracks document edits within the conversation and file collaboration stream, as they happen. It saves each version and keeps them all in one place. Team members can see everything at a glance to stay synched. Amium brings true file collaboration to teams everywhere, making it simple and more productive.

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