Secure Collaboration

Amium Secure Collaboration

Secure collaboration improves efficiency and reduces cost by allowing real-time editing and creating of documents

What is Secure Collaboration?

Secure collaboration enables individuals in organizations to easily collaborate and share information with other team members with minimal risk of sensitive information leaks. With the ability to collaborate one-on-one or between team members, you can make sure that only those who need to know have access to team chats, messaging, documents, and activity feeds.

Benefits of Secure Collaboration

  • Keep sensitive information, such as credit card, health, financial, and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) secure from leaks
  • Help maintain compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Protect company intellectual property and projects in development

Amium’s Secure Collaboration Solution

Amium secure collaboration is designed with business collaboration—and security—in mind. We encrypt data in motion with high-grade SSL and at rest with 256-bit AES. And because it keeps business chats and files related to conversations all in one place, multiple copies are not floating around through email and other channels for more secure collaboration.

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