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Amium Team Chat

The Amium team chat app is designed with business collaboration in mind. When you need to include several team members in one group chat, work on different documents, and keep track of team chat activities, look to Amium.

Amium Group Chat App Benefits

  • Bring conversations to your files and keep everything together in one place
  • Communicate and discuss projects with team members in realtime to keep projects synchronized and make everyone more efficient
  • Save and track every change to relevant documents
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office online for a true business chat app
Amium team chat

Amium brings conversation to your files.

Files in your Amium folder on your desktop show up in Amium so you can share and collaborate easily.

Cloud Chat for Enterprise

Designed specifically for business chat, Amium is a cloud chat solution, which makes it easy for everyone on your team to stay apprised of team activities. And, because it’s cloud-based, Amium scales up for enterprise chat or can deliver just what a small-to-medium-sized organization needs and can afford for its business chat solution. Amium also encrypts data in transit and at rest so that conversations stay private among collaborators—no matter the size of your team.

Team Chat Software from Amium

A synchronized team is a powerful force. Amium team chat software keeps your team moving with agility and velocity. It provides one-on-one chats, group discussions, and most importantly, file-specific discussions so all the updates and conversation around the file is in one place. Most team chat software has rudimentary file collaboration capabilities; Amium was designed with full-featured file sync & share capabilities to make collaboration that much easier.

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